Marc Roston

Senior Investment Strategist

Direct: 973 433 6672

Grayhawk allows me to find new ways to meet diverse family needs and have a deep understanding of our family legacy aspirations to guide the overall investment strategy. Just as we understand their needs, we have an open dialogue so our clients understand why we do what we do. I’m incredibly passionate about investing as it allows me to constantly learn about just about anything that peaks my curiosity, and at Grayhawk I can use that knowledge to create new opportunities for our family partners.

Marc Roston is the Senior Investment Strategist at Grayhawk developing Grayhawk’s investment strategy and implementation to deliver resilient portfolios. Marc believes that investment decision making should be done through the lens of doing what is right, not what is expected or simple.

Marc has over 18 years of experience in the asset management industry having held senior investment roles in alternative investing, investment strategy and asset allocation. Since 2009, Marc has advised financial institutions large and small on a diverse range of investment activities, with a particular emphasis on hedge funds, private equity and insurance related investments.

He was previously managing director at Silver Creek Capital Management, a $10 billion alternative investment firm based in Seattle, WA, and was portfolio manager in McKinsey’s investment office.

Marc holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and completed his Undergraduate Degree at Carnegie Mellon University. Marc lives in the Whitefish Montana with his wife and children. When he’s not reading about new investment opportunities you’ll find him out in nature hiking and skiing.


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